Reading Buddies

Today Class 3 and 4 became Class 34! We all squashed into Class 3 and worked in pairs with one member of Class 3 and one from Class 4. We really made the most of reading with someone different and everyone enjoyed it!

Y3/4 Guitar Performance

On Wednesday afternoon Class 3 and 4 put on a very special performance – they played guitars to the whole school plus over 70 family members!

Please read our comments to find out how we felt about our big moment:


SURPRISE! A perfect parcel from our pals in New Zealand

Class 3 have received a most unexpected and exciting package. We looked carefully at the envelope, and soon discovered where the parcel had come from – NEW ZEALAND!!! We passed it around, gave it a good squeeze and discussed what we thought might be inside. Have a look at us, including our expressions when we had opened the package and seen all of the treasures inside!

We were very grateful to our quadblogging partners at Highfield School, Te Tama. Have a look at the thank you comments we left here:

and here: